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Steve Marlow

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Local Hockey Pool 2011-12 [Oct. 12th, 2011|09:59 pm]
Steve Marlow
Very happy with my team this year!

1) Martin St. Louis - Tampa Bay
2) Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh
3) Matt Duchene - Colorado
4) Patrick Sharp - Chicago
5) Marian Gaborik - NY Rangers
6) Martin Havlat - San Jose
7) Taylor Hall - Edmonton
8) Evander Kane - Winnipeg
9) Drew Doughty - Los Angeles
10) Ville Leino - Buffalo
11) Daniel Alfredsson - Ottawa
12) Linus Omark - Edmonton
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Yahoo Hockey Pool 2011-12 [Oct. 7th, 2011|05:27 pm]
Steve Marlow
Pool 1 of 2 this year. Yahoo Rotisserie league, with 19 other players:

C Mikhail Grabovski (Tor)
C Brad Boyes (Buf)
C Jordan Staal (Pit)
LW RJ Umberger (Clb)
LW Blake Comeau (NYI)
LW Ryan Malone (TB)
RW Devin Setoguchi (Min)
RW David Clarkson (NJ)
RW Wayne Simmonds (Phi)
D Drew Doughty (LA)
D Keith Yandle (Pho)
D Kris Letang (Pit)
D Alex Goligoski (Dal)
D Johnny Boychuk (Bos)
D Chris Campoli (Mtl)
G Henrik Lindqvist (NYR)
G Jaroslav Halak (StL)
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Journalism's fine line [Sep. 28th, 2011|05:15 pm]
Steve Marlow

So, the police have sent warrants for the media that covered the Vancouver riots. This is one of those times when I'm not sure what to think as a journalist. As a person, I'm eager to see those who disgraced Vancouver and the Canucks with the damage they did to the city to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But, as a journalist, I firmly believe in the line drawn between those in power and those who are not in power. A journalist's job isn't to enforce the law, but to act as an independent arbiter between those who serve us (politicians, policemen, entertainers) and those who are served (the general public).

It was interesting to watch the mob justice that came out of social media, and, I admit, I participated in it while it happened. People of all walks of life posted their photos of rioters to Facebook. The police also encouraged the public to send their photos to them directly, setting up email addresses to do so. The instant justice that happened was a testament to the power and ubiquity of social media. But, does this latest edict from the police go too far?

Does the media have a right, as an independent arbiter of information, to protect those they have footage of rioting? While the information they have will undoubtedly be of value to the police, should the police take the step of forcing the media to hand over its footage? The media is not in the business of enforcing the law, but now they are being an unwitting accomplice to doing so. It's a tough topic that I don't have the answers to. What say you?
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Good pick up line, or the best pick up line? [Aug. 8th, 2011|03:04 pm]
Steve Marlow
"You know, you look a lot like my first wife"

"Oh? How many times have you been married."

"Oh, I've never been married."
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Morning Wood... pecker [Apr. 15th, 2011|03:43 pm]
Steve Marlow
One of the hallmarks of spring for me is the return of songbirds. After months and months of looking at the skies and seeing only crows and magpies (maybe the occasional Steller's or Scrub Jay), the waxwings start showing up in the mountain ash trees. Then it's the Canada geese. Then small flocks of robins. But spring doesn't really arrive for me until the return of the Morning Woodpecker.

The Morning Woodpecker is so named since he shows up in the morning. He nests in my neighbourhood and spends his mornings looking for a mate. He does this by sitting on the top of houses and pecking at the metal pipes sticking out the top of them, then squawking several times. He repeats this many, many times during the morning.

In my apartment, I have a natural gas furnace with a pipe that runs up through the wall to the roof, and the Morning Woodpecker favours this pipe when he visits my house. He usually shows up at about 6:30-7:00 AM, when I'm usually sound asleep. Then he rattles the heck out the pipe and wakes me up. Surprisingly, this rarely makes me angry, but rather, I find it quite humourous. I really love watching birds and knowing that old MW is back for the spring means I can start sleeping under one blanket, look forward to opening the windows soon and eventually shut off the spitting demon I call my furnace.
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Playoff Pool 2011 [Apr. 13th, 2011|10:12 pm]
Steve Marlow
I'm predicting a Vancouver/Philly final, but the way I drafted, I'd like to see Vancouver bounced in the first round, then Philly or Tampa to get to the finals out of the East.

1) Alexander Ovechkin (Was)
2) Mickael Samuelsson (Van)
3) Jeff Carter (Phi)
4) Johan Franzen (Det)
5) Vincent Lacavalier (TB)
6) Zdeno Chara (Bos)
7) Jiri Hudler (Det)
8) Scott Hartnell (Phi)
9) Dustin Penner (LAK)
10) Patrick Kane (Chi)
11) Steve Downie (TB)
12) Kimmo Timonen (Phi)
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On the body scanners controversy [Nov. 24th, 2010|09:04 pm]
Steve Marlow
Why is that every time I hear about the TSA/body scanners controversy, I think of this?

Simply speaking, the United States seemly has turned into a bunch of paranoid, mewling pussies, seemingly overnight. They look around every corner looking for boogeymen, see demons in the eyes of anyone who looks different and accuse each other of misdeeds and not being American enough.

The goal of terrorism is to instill fear in a country's residents. Sept 11 gave the USA a bloody nose and everyone has seemingly become afraid of everything now. If you fear everything, terrorism has won.

You are being patted down to keep your country safe because that's what you wanted. You're safe now. Why don't you feel safe? You got what you wanted. Now shut up and be happy.
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Hockey Pool 2010 [Oct. 14th, 2010|09:54 pm]
Steve Marlow
Just in one pool this year. Three was too much last year. Also, try to guess which of my players is going down for the season next week since it happens every year...

1) Pavel Datsyuk - Detroit
2) Ilya Kovalchuk - New Jersey
3) Jason Spezza - Ottawa
4) Corey Perry - Anaheim
5) Matt Duchene - Colorado
6) Brad Boyes - St. Louis
7) Alexander Frolov - New York Rangers
8) Stephen Weiss - Florida
9) Brian Gionta - Montreal
10) Ville Lieno - Philadelphia
11) Tyler Bozak - Toronto
12) Olli Jokinen - Calgary
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Welcome to Shellac and Vinyl [Oct. 4th, 2010|10:21 am]
Steve Marlow
Hi LJ and FB friends, Today is the launch date for my new music blog, called Shellac and Vinyl. Everything music-related will be shifting to that blog, while my LJ will remain your place for social, political and other types of commentary.

If you have friends that are interested in music, send them along. I'm looking for readers and, more importantly, commenters.


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Wither Music Blogging? [Sep. 22nd, 2010|04:00 pm]
Steve Marlow
Okay folks, I've been encouraged by a friend to start a music blog. Now, I've been mulling the idea over in my head for months, but hadn't seriously considered starting one until now. She had a number of gushing things to say about my interest/obsession with music in all forms and felt I had an interesting perspective to share.

The question is, would anyone be interested in reading it?

I'd also have to come up with an interesting name for it, a place to post it, perhaps collaborators to work with me in the future, topics, a posting schedule, all sort of other things.

Is there interest? Get back to me FB and LJ friends!
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